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DHCP Web Services

DHCP Web Services Pic Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Web Services offer significant improvements to the management of Microsoft's DHCP server.  The web services utilize Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), providing an open and standardized interface for DHCP server management, and implement the Web Service Interoperability (WS-I) Basic Profile 1.1, a set of non-proprietary web service specifications.  This standardized communication protocol allows network administrators and developers to manage Microsoft's DHCP server, in ways not achievable with previous management tools provided by Microsoft, or other outside sources, chiefly because the malleable nature of the open framework allows users to form their own management tools, as they see fit.  The DHCP Web Services include two features innovative to Microsoft's DHCP Server: an authorization model to control access of DHCP server objects, and a search to query the DHCP server for client lease information using regular expressions.  Open management, authorization, and search create a flexible and adaptable tool set for managing a DHCP server, thus making it more appealing to large network environments with complex needs. [More]

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