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Flex&Bison Projects
Marklar Programming Language

Marklar Programming Language Pic Marklar is built around three basic types: Marklars, strings and numbers. A Marklar is a set with methods and has four basic subtypes: Ordered Marklars, Ordered Conformist Marklars, Unordered Marklars and Unordered Conformist Marklars. Ordered Marklars have arrays and Unordered Marklars have hash tables. Extended Marklars override or add methods to the base Marklar types. Furthermore, Marklar has purely procedural methods, including the main() method which is the default entry point. [More]

Object Oriented SQL Engine

Object Oriented SQL Engine Pic This is my implementation of an SQL engine during an undergraduate direct independent study, spring 2003.  I used Flex and Bison to define the SQL grammar and parser generation.  Inner joins were implemented with conditional predicates.  I called my engine Object Oriented because I envisioned the engine storing and manipulating objects: images, sound, graphs, etc.  The internal API was extensible to allow for other objects and manipulation algorithms.  For example, store and manipulated images files with an image processing algorithm.  In one semester's time I was only able to implement the base SQL engine, image viewing, and graph generation based on table data. [More]

C#; ASP.NET; SOAP; C; C++; Win32; GCC; Flex&Bison; Parrot;

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